Polished Cement

The Team Cemento Cerato promotes, shapes and distributes the latest trend in design and decoration, Polished Cement eco+,  Of mineral origin, it is neither a traditional cement nor a simple resin floor, Cerato eco + Cement becomes an element for the decoration of all interior and exterior spaces, soils and walls. Available in more than 30 colors, it provides a unique and unique touch in a restoration project without the need to demolish and remove the old media or a new construction. No limit to the imagination, the artistic touch of the applicator allows to obtain a more or less glossy or relief surface depending on the type of mirror processing, relief contrast or “tadelakt”, ancient Moroccan plaster technique to make finishes unique of great value.

The Polished Cement eco+ integrates and adapts to all types of buildings such as shops, restaurants, showrooms, stores, medical environments, apartments, salons, kitchens, bathrooms, swimming pools, terraces, furniture design, chillart,

ThePolished Cement eco+ is an innovative product that is unique in its kind as a single-component Eco-friendly Admixture. The effect of Cement Cerato eco + is not obtained with polishing, but is only given through a manual application with a spatula.

The Polished Cement eco+ is a true, highly durable, monolithic pavement complete with the application of superficial total protection in transparent film. Our “eco +” mineral surface finishes are designed exclusively for the Cement Cerato product range and mineral materials and are a guarantee of durability, respect for customer’s choices and easy maintenance and cleaning.

Extensive customization options for over 30 colors available [see here].

In addition, the Team Cemento Cerato has helped develop with the manufacturer a new Polished Cement Swimming Pool Cover, specially for new or existing pools. With respect to the environment and sanitary standards, we offer you the opportunity to apply the three-layer, non-junctured Swimming Pool Coating, which is a very important aspect to improve maintenance. We recommend Coating for Ceratin Concrete Pools, to eliminate the problem of leak maintenance that needs to be renewed every 4 or 5 years. The absence of paints or other finishing chemicals also provides UV resistance to chlorine, bromine and salt filtration. In order to avoid depigmentation in darker colors, we have a choice of four colors Polished Cement Swimming Pool Cover [see here], which can change the reflection / color of the water according to your taste. Ideal solution for both new buildings and for the recovery / restoration of existing pools.


• The products used by Cement Cerato Appliances are designed for designers, architects, craftsmen and customers who are sensitive to eco-friendly topics as well as art and design.

• The products used by the Team Cement Cerato applicators are renowned for their aesthetic appearance, strength, ease of use and ease of use, saving time and resources for design and decoration processes.

• The Polished Cement eco + used by Team Cemento Cerato’s applicators is a decorative finish, a continuous pavement, which is used both inside and outside the buildings. The manualness and preciousness of the application generates surfaces that may differ by finishing and shades. This feature demonstrates the craftsmanship and uniqueness of each application. Its mechanical properties are excellent adhesion, waterproofing, strength, practicality in product formulation, and thanks to a wide range of organic mineral and pigment pigments, it adapts to every end user requirement, enabling the use on any type of surface both horizontal and vertical as existing and exterior bathrooms and floors, on walls, false ceilings, decorative objects …


• Cerato Cement Certified Formwork Applicants have the will to position themselves in the field of mineral coatings and ecological continuous flooring, going beyond the expectations, choices and needs of our customers.

• Agents cover all areas both nationally and internationally through our Show Rooms in Barcelona, Vitoria, Madrid, Ibiza, Bilbao, and commercial agents in Belgium, Luxembourg, the United States, Latin America and Italy.


• Training and instruction for both installers and customers, for customized solutions.

• The Team Cemento Cerato Application Firms are trained with specific technical / practical training directly from our staff to get the Team Cemento Cerato Certified Certifiers to get the best results.

• Constant development and innovation.

• Ethical conduct and respect for customer privacy.


N.B. The treatment in Cement Cerato eco + is applied manually with stain treatment that prevents the immediate absorption of stains. As with any material, frequent cleaning is recommended to prevent long-lasting deposits of dirt or liquids from causing persistent stains. In addition, any material left outside, even if appropriately treated, for the action of the atmospheric agents undergoes time of the chromatic and molecular superficial changes. Obviously the action of alteration depends on the specific sun exposure conditions and geographic areas (eg high humidity and / or salinity). Proper maintenance, for example, often washing the surface with water increases resistance to corrosion. In swimming pools with Cement Cerato with special pool additives, it is absolutely forbidden to clean surfaces with hydrochloric acid.